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Production Equipment

       All high-end woven garment products are produced by Weihai Kaihua Textile Co., Ltd. using world-leading equipment and technology. Weihai Kaihua Textile Co., Ltd. has a factory area of 15,000 square meters, a winding yarn workshop, a weaving workshop, a sewing workshop and a post-packaging workshop. There are 400 employees. It has more than 200 sets of world-class computer automatic control knitting machines, which can weave a variety of jacquard and various weaving tissues. It has more than 100 high-speed sewing machines for computer automatic control and 50 sets of standard testing equipment in Europe and America. It can produce more than 5 million high-quality woven garments annually. At present, increasing investment further expands workshop construction and supporting warehousing construction to continuously meet the business needs of international trade.

Winding workshop, yarn raw material into a barrel, waxing machine

Computer weaving machine display

Clothing and garments, computer weaving workshop

Computer automatic control high speed sewing machine

Computer automatic control high speed sewing machine

Sewing workshop, sewing garments, sewing machine

Washed after washing

Packaging needle inspection

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